Obsidian Silence is a Hard Rock / Progressive band and based in Pasadena California, with a sound that can best described as a mixture of Nightwish, Megadeth, and Dream Theater.

The band was born in early 2013 thanks to Fernanda and Miguel, two LACM students (Los Angeles College of Music) who shared the same musical influences. Felllow LACM grads Jose, Aldo, Francisco and Erik later joined them.

After several months of venues and writing of new material, the band recorded their first EP in 2014, featuring five of their original tunes. Combining aggressive yet beautiful vocals with heavy and progressive instrumental elements allows them to deliver their own brand of hard rock.


Fernanda Alba  Vocals, keyboards

Fernanda Alba is a young brazilian singer/songwriter based in Los Angeles. She is currently the leader of two bands: Obsidian Silence and a bossa-nova band Wave – Brazilian Band.

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Miguel Rebolledo  Guitar

Miguel Rebolledo is a colombian musician and guitarist based in Los Angeles. He has played in a number of bands covering many different styles ranging from Jazz to Heavy Metal.

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Jose Garcia  Drums

Jose is a Drummer/Musician living in Southern California. He has been playing for over a decade in his native Los Angeles and has worked as a sideman for artists and bands of various styles ranging from jazz to metal and even country. He’s also a current member of Pasadena based country group Cities.

Francisco García  Bass

Francisco is a bass player from Quito, Ecuador, whose musical influences range from reggae and rock steady to jazz, punk rock and death metal. He has played in many well known ecuadorian bands including The Liners, La Orden Del Baile Atrevido and Les Clean Cuts. He currently lives and works in Los Angeles.

Aldo Góngora  Guitar

Aldo is a guitar player and musician from Mexico, with a style that combines influences from jazz fusion, heavy metal and stoner rock. Currently living in Los Angeles, he is also a member of fellow local prog-metal outfit She Tastes The Sun.

Erik Kapernick  Keyboards

Erik is a classically trained pianist, music producer and recording engineer located in Pasadena, California. Originally from San Diego, he moved to L.A. to record and produce a diverse variety of music. He has engineered for numerous bands including Obsidian Silence as well as produced his own compositions.